Getting you back into the hunt...even if you don't shoot an Athens!


Athens Archery believes in treating everyone like family - even if you aren’t shooting an Athens.  We support all archers, so we are proud to offer our Save Your Hunt program.

If you are on a paid hunt and have a bow failure of any type, we are here to help.  Contact us at 866-Athens-5 and we will ship a loaner bow fully tuned in your specs so that you can complete your hunt.  Don’t worry the bow will arrive with a rest, sight and peep installed; it will only needing to be sighted in with your arrows.   If you need arrows we can help you out with those as well.

We will ship out the loaner bow fastest method possible to your outfitter and include a pre-paid label so you can return it easily when the hunt is over.   The bow must be returned to us in the condition it was sent with all of the accessories.   You are only responsible for packaging the bow for shipment the same way it was sent to you.

Hey, we know it happens.  We are always here to help, so you can get back to your hunt.