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$849.00 All Next Vista Camo or all black powdercoat with orange limb decals, orange medallions, gray and orange strings with gray serving and limb jax

$925.00  All Predator Brown Deception Camo, all Bonehead Skulls Camo, all Bonehead Web Camo or all pink Next Vista Camo, gray and black/ strings with grey serving, neutral limb decals, neutral medallions, and limb jax

Solid limbs
EVD Cam System
SS stabilizer and string stop inserts
Anchor string stop
Bowjax dampening system
Sick string system
2 pc laminated grips
Rear pivot limb pockets
Solid wall draw stops
Sealed cam bearings
Fit and finish that is second to none in the archery industry

IBO Rating: 335+ fps
Axle-to-Axle: 30”
Brace Height: 7”
Draw Weight: 40lb to 70 lb limbs 
(10 lb increments)

Letoff: 65%-80%
Weight: 3.8 Ibs
Draw Lengths: 24.5”-29.5”
half inch increments
(DL specific cams)

Standard Color options:
Black Riser / Black Limbs
Next Vista Camo

Additional options:
BoneHead Skulls or BoneHead Web
Predator Brown Deception
Pink Next Vista

Available through dealer